SHVR Playlist: When Love Takes Over

SHVR Playlist: When Love Takes Over

Can you feel it? Yeeess there’s lots of loves are in the air because today is Valentine’s day. 

Ngomong-ngomong soal hari kasih sayang, we all know that loving is easy, but it’s hard when it comes to show it. Mulai dari insecure, bingung, keringet dingin, sampai deg-degan ada semua jadi satu kalo udah mau nyampein perasaan kita.


Nah, mumpung masih ngerayain hari Valentine, kita mau bantuin kalian buat bisa nyampein rasa sayang kalian dengan cara yang beda, yaitu lewat lagu. BUT, it doesn’t mean our songs recommendation can’t be enjoyed by all the single troops, karena kalian bisa kok dengerin lagu-lagu ini just to remember how falling in love feels like or doing a karaoke to sing your heart out. Because nothing can’t goes wrong when it comes to a love song, right?


So, ini dia lagu-lagu yang siap jadi anthem Valentine’s day kalian kali ini:


1. Loving is Easy - Rex Orange County (ft. Benny Sings)

“Yeah, loving is easy

When everything's perfect

Please don't change a single little thing for me”

Just take a look at the lyrics. If Rex can be sweet like this, so either you!

2. How Deep is Your Love - Calvin Harris (ft.disciplines)

Siapa bilang lagu ini cuma bisa jadi party anthem kalian? If you want to bring a whole new vibe to your love story, this is the right answer for you.

3. Pandangan Pertama - RAN

Mulai dari bagian nyanyi sampai bagian rapnya, semua orang yang danger lagu ini pasti bisa langsung sing along. This legendary song will never be out of dated to be the way for you to say “I Love You or even to reminiscing all the good times when we were young.

4. Drive Safe - Rich Brian

When you just missing someone on this Valentine’s day, just share this song to them. No more words you need to say because this song already say it all.

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