SHVR.ID - Let's Start Party to the Fullest!



1. So, you have three kind of party events, right? What's the difference?

All three will get you to experience the fun of a party! SHVR Presents brings you the most iconic raves from around the world such as Sensation 2018. SHVR Ground is our epic parties in all around the cities in Indonesia which usually held on weekend  , and SHVR Ground Festival is our Biggest dance music festival!

2. I want to get lost in your parties! How can I come?

SHVR presents Sensation Jakarta: You can dive into the most iconic dance event here.

SHVR Ground: Firstly, sign up here to join SHIVERIAN. Then, you only have to come to the club where the party will be held and through registration area to get your wristband.

SHVR Ground Festival 2018: You will discover the coolest party experience you’ve never had before, here.

3. I'm 18! Can I come to SHVR parties?

SHVR presents Sensation Jakarta: Sorry, it is a 21+ event. Proof of Age Identification will be required for entry.

SHVR Ground: Yes, you can! It's an 18+ event.

SHVR Ground Festival 2018: Of course! This is strictly an event for everyone aged 18+.

4.I’ve known that SHVR Ground is your weekend party series in clubs. What makes it different with other parties?

There are lots of exciting activities such as making your own Lushiver’s Blood and SHVR Photo Booth. Earn SHVR Points and redeem them for cool prizes at the event.

5.Where is SHVR Ground usually held?

SHVR Ground is usually drop its madness in best-known clubs in town. Get updates about our parties by becoming a SHIVERIAN. Sign up here!

6.SHIVERIAN seems legit. What is it?

SHIVERIAN is more than just an ordinary party people. They are our exclusive member who have the spirit of party to the fullest.


  1. You will get privileges in all our parties
  2. You will be the first to know about our upcoming parties!
  3. You will gain the cool gifts and prizes in our event!

7.Can I be a SHIVERIAN?

Absolutely yes! Click here to join.

8.How much does it cost to be a SHIVERIAN?

Worry not, it's FREE!

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