1. I can't wait! Where and when is SHVR Ground Festival 2018?

SHVR Ground Festival 2018 will take place at Allianz Eco Park – Ancol, Jakarta on 4th – 5th of May, 2018!

2. SGF18 is finally here! And I'm finally 18 too. Can I come?

Congratulations on finally turning 18! Let's come in, this is a special event strictly for SHIVERIAN aged 18+ and proof of age Identification will be required for entry.

3. Can I leave the area and then come back? I mean, are there any pass-outs?

No. Once you leave the area, you will not be allowed to back in. In SHVR Ground Festival 2018, you’ll sense the rave party with EXTRAordinary vibes! There are also so many exciting game activities. So, there is no reason for you to get out, unless of an emergency. Really.

4. What do I need to bring to the area?

Make sure you’ve got your wristbands, valid ID and the spirit to party to the fullest! We also recommend that you bring your phone to keep in touch with friends and take best moment on the festival!

5. I want to bring my camera with me! Can I?

You are allowed to bring mobile phones and personal digital cameras so that you can capture every epic moment in SHVR Ground Festival. But, professional cameras (defined by a detachable lens), sound recording equipment, professional lighting and tripod set-ups are not permitted at SHVR Ground Festival without written authority from us.

6. Hey, are there any prohibited items?

The list of prohibited items will be released a few days before the day of the festival. Keep an eye on our Instagram @shvr_id for updates!

7. What should I wear?

Comfortable outfit is a must! Because, you'll bounce around and get shivered at SHVR Ground Festival all day and night.

8. But…what if it rains? Can I bring a rain coat?

Yes, you can bring a raincoat! Worry not, SHVR Ground Festival is a rain or shine rave party. You can enjoy your time at SHVR Ground Festival under all generally safe weather conditions!


1. What’s the difference of General Admission (GA) and VIP Pass?

Both will get you to enter the festival and experience the most exciting rave party in town. But, VIP pass holders will have more facilities and special privileges in our exclusive areas!

2. What about the difference between General Admission (GA) and Early Entry?

If you have an early entry pass, you MUST enter the festival before 7 PM Jakarta time. In case you failed to do so, you’ll have to pay the upgrade of a GA normal pass at our front desk on the event in order to enter the festival. Meanwhile, GA pass holders can enter the area anytime.

3. I have questions! How much is the pass? Where can I buy the pass?

You can check out the latest prices and purchase the pass online here. here

4. Are there any daily passes?

Yes, there will be. But why come in just one day if you can experience an exciting rave party in two days?!

5. If I buy the pass online at the designated official ticketing site, will I get the physical passes right away?

All pass purchases from the designated official pass site, will receive an e-voucher that must be exchanged with a wristband on the specified place. We'll inform you later by e-mail and via our Instagram @shvr_id.

6. My friends and I have purchased the passes but my e-voucher has not been sent to my e-mail. It's only me and I'm in panic! What should I do?

Inhale – Exhale…. First, you can check your spam folder. If it's not there, please report your issue to We will help you.

7. By the way, can I get refund for my pass?

SHVR Ground Festival passes are non-refundable. If the event is cancelled a refund will be processed, and we will contact you with instructions if it happens.

8. Hey, can I buy SHVR Ground Festival passes on unauthorized reseller?

We strongly discourage you from purchasing SHVR Ground Festival pass from an unauthorized reseller. We are not responsible for its eligibility since it’s NOT purchased from our website or official ticketing site partners.


1. What is the valid pass to enter SHVR Ground Festival? E-voucher or wristbands?

Your wristband = your pass. You MUST exchange your e-voucher to wristband(s) before enter the festival.

2. When can I exchange my e-voucher to a wristband?

You’ll get an email about information of the e-voucher exchange such as date and place. Or, you can check on our Instagram @shvr_id. for updates.

3. What should I bring to exchange my e-voucher to a wristband?

Print out your entire e-voucher, bring and show your VALID ID card/ Passport/ Driving License/ Student Card/ Birth Certificate (name must match with what’s written on the E-Voucher).

For buyers who use credit cards to purchase passes, be sure to bring the credit card used to purchase your passes and also your ID card (name must match that on the E-Voucher)

4. What if I don’t exchange my e-voucher on the designated date?

We are REALLY-REALLY-REALLY recommend you to exchange your e-voucher on the designated date. So, you don’t have to get in line to grab your wristband on the date of the festival. Just straight away and start party to the fullest!

5. I want to try my wristband. I wanna know if it’s fit me or not. Can I?

Yes you can. But, once you put it on your wrist, you CANNOT take them off because it will damaged your wristband. NOTE THIS RULE: Please treat your wristband carefully and hold on to it, no refund will be given if you tampered it. Your wristband is your possession, you have responsible to keep it safe.

6. Can I exchange my e-voucher to a wristband on the spot?

Yes you can. We provide you a wristband exchange spot at the festival, in case you come from outside Jakarta or Indonesia and will only arrive on the day of the festival. But, if you have more time...please see the question number four (4).

7. I bought my ticket under my friend’s name. What do I need to prepare from that person in order for me to get the wristband?

You will need to bring a copy from your friends valid ID that they registered when purchasing the pass, a copy of their credit card's front side that they used when purchasing the pass (only if they purchased using credit card), and a Letter of Attorney that they have signed.

8. Help, I accidentally damaged/lost my wristband!

Sorry, you will not be able to use the wristband and enter SHVR Ground festival. The only way to enter is to buy another pass and exchange it to wristband(s). See the question number one (1).

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